Jun 8, 2015

Life Lately

Happy Monday babes!  Life has been crazy lately, and soaking up every moment in the Spring weather, and traveling every weekend is keeping us busy!  We have been to the Shore, camping (ME, camping!) and Pennsylvania in just the last three weekends.  There is nothing I love more than making memories with our little family! I am trying to be more open to trying to new things (ahem, camping) like actually getting in on the fishing, and getting the kids to mini golf.  

I have also been trying to be better at cleaning up my diet.  All of this traveling has really thrown me off track, and I have been trying to find new ways to eat healthfully and mindfully while not at home.  I am trying to satisfy my sweet and salty cravings with anything gluten free, but definitely need to make sure I get my dairy and carb consumption under control!

A little (organic) cheese and (nitrate free) salami never hurt anyone!  I am off to work off all of these calories!

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Eating healthy on the road is T-O-U-G-H, tough! I know it all too well, lady. We did Whole30 and had three weekend trips while on the program and it was a bit of a struggle. However it makes a difference in my body so I stuck with it. I suggest Larabars in a quick pinch and lots of fruits and almonds. Love all your pictures!

  2. Camping!!! I told Gary that I would go, but I'm not sure I can handle it...I need to start in a cabin and work my way into a tent LOL!! Looks like you've been having so much fun with your kiddies and husband - that's what life is about!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Looks like you all have been having so much fun. Making memories, for sure. I used to be into camping but it just isn't at the top of my list these days! For a second, I thought you had a straw in your wine but then realized it was a kid cup behind the glass. LOL
    Have a great day!

  4. Your little family is so cute! You guys do a lot of fun stuff together. Sadly I don't think I can ever commit to camping in a tent. lol I could do a cabin though! My boys love to go fishing with Marc. Actually Emily does too. I work on the weekends though, so I tend to miss out on stuff :( xo Btw Ive been doing pretty good at cutting back on cheese/dairy lately.

  5. Ugh I need to clean up my diet too. I've been eating so bad and then I went to a wedding this weekend and drank a little too much wine... can I come work out with you?? Love your meat and cheese board, looks delicious! Glad you guys had fun camping!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. That organic meat and cheese plate looks ahhhhmazing! Looks like such a fun weekend, and yay for camping! I used to love camping growing up, now I think I'm more of a "glamping" kinda girl ;-)

  7. Ooh your cheese plate and that dang pizza have my starving! Good thing wine does NOT have gluten in it, amiright!? ;)

  8. Looks like a fun weekend!! It is so hard to eat healthy while traveling!

  9. Looks like a great weekend! I always go off the real eating-wise when I travel. It's nice to be home and reset!

  10. Love all of these pictures! Glad you guys have been up to so much fun!

  11. Sounds like you all have been having a lot of fun!! Way to go on the camping! I hear you about the diet clean up, I swear all these birthday parties and BBQs are killing me.


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