Jun 1, 2015

Reading List

1. 21 Reasons to Eat Less Sugar
1.  I don't think I even need more than three to get this through my head!

2. 19 Secrets of a No-Guilt Mom
I LOVE this! Moms put so much pressure on themselves, we need to take a page on some of these.

3. 31 Things You Didn't Know About J.Crew
I have been loving J.Crew since the 90's and here are some fun facts!

4. What Would Your Name Be If You Were Born Today
FYI Mine is Riley!

5. Things Girls Who Take Fitness Classes Do
I'm guilty of way too many of these, ahem, number 13.

6. The Friendship Manifesto
No matter how old we get, sometimes we need to remember a few basic rules.

7. When a Size 0 Isn't Really a 0
This is a MUST read.  The takeaway:  don't ever judge your size by the number on your clothing!

8. Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods
A great list of foods to include in your diet for so many healthy reasons!

Happy reading!
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  1. I completely have the no mom guilt thing down by my third ;). My son's fifth bday party is looking like it will be in August. He turned 5 in April. I'm also planning on making it a joint party with his brother. Ha!

  2. bahaha i tried to find my name and they said sorry we couldn't find your name!! But I didn't Gary's and you'll love this - he got Grayson!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That sizing article is super interesting!

    1. It's so spot on though! I wear such an array of sizes depending on brand and store... and I tend to shop where I wear the smaller sizes ;)

  4. Love this list! Is it bad that I can relate to the No-Guilt mom article already ha! And my name today would be Savannah... not bad!

  5. Haha my name would be Carolina, what?!? Definitely need to read that sugar article... after I finish the leftover cake that's in my fridge ;)

  6. These are great, lady! I'm a fitness class girl, haha.

  7. Great great list! You had me at number 1 as I have been eating way too much sugar lately but then you had me again at #2 as I am a major guilt mom. Well, live all your picks and gonna get my read on tonight!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  8. Hilarious!!!! Makes me want to say peoples name more often when I teach.....I totally have my spot and #5....yeah people totally do that in my class......awkward. Thanks for that link girl totally made my day!

  9. Haha love the article on girls who take fitness classes, I definitely beline for "my spot" and get upset if it's taken :-P

    Have a fabulous week gurlie <3

  10. Ooo these all sound awesome, will definitely check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This such a great list - thanks for sharing! My name would be Elizabeth!


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