Jun 17, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday: 2

Happy Wednesday loves!  Today, is another What I Ate edition with Jenn.  When you are photographing and keep very accurate track of everything you are eating, the accountability goes way up.  I tried to carry that through with me all week and be very mindful about what I was putting on my plate.  It is so easy to get lost in a bag of chips (even if they are organic, gluten-free homemade whatnot.)  

I am really trying to control my dairy intake to see if it helps my digestive issues (TMI I know, sorry!)  I am having trouble cooking dinner and quitting the cheese though! It is crazy how many recipes it is in, and feeding a family of picky eaters is no joke!

7:30 am - coffee with Almond milk creamer and stevia
I try not to jump out of bed and run right for the coffee.  I feel like I need to drink some water first and let myself naturally wake up before I have that caffeine hit.  It's NOT easy, but my day usually goes much better this way!

I usually try to get some carbs in before a workout, but today I went straight smoothie.  The extra matcha shot gives me more energy for my workout! 

11:30 am - Raw cashews
I was starving after my run, so I grabbed a handful of these to try to fill me up.  I take 1/4 cup and take some out to keep it around 100 calories.  I have to save my big snack for the afternoon ;)

1:30 pm - Lunch
I eat eggs way too much!  They're my go-to lunch protein when I don't have left overs on hand.  Today I scrambled one egg and two egg whites with onion, tomatoes, kale and little bit of cheese.  I had gluten free bread with some natural peanut butter to get some good carbs in.  This lunch made me so happy!

3:30 pm - Blue chips and hummus
I try to stick to a healthy gluten free carb and hummus in the afternoon. I have been good at kicking my sweet tooth (this is when it usually comes out) but my salty craving is also bad.  This hummus is SO good and super low calorie! I can't recommend it enough!

Not pictured:  a couple of handfuls of Skinnygirl popcorn the kids were eating.

6:00 pm - Dinner
It was Taco Tuesday yesterday, because, DUH!  I used grass fed, organic lean beef with organic cheddar cheese, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and loads of veggies.  Josh and the kids has taco shells and I went with lettuce instead.

So, also not pictured... I had a couple of baked potato chips with the kids while I was making dinner (fail.)  Then we had dessert with friends after dinner and I had a few bites of frosting and chocolate chips.  Sometimes, you just need to sneak those couple of bites of sweets in and move on with it!

To justify all of that, I hit the treadmill for 45 minutes.  It all balances out in the end, right?  


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  1. Everything in moderation. And extra couple of chips and dessert bites every now and again is not bad. Looks like you're doing a great job of keeping yourself accountable and healthy!!

  2. You always make such amazing things! A few chips and some sweets aren't going to hurt anything! If anything it will curb your desire for them for awhile so you don't completely splurge and go nuts one day! :) Those tacos look delish!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Are you enjoying your cashews? I need to grab some to take to the beach! I might mix them with coconut chips for a little trail mix. I make eggs all the time too! There are so many dinners that just require cheese, its tough. I could never eat a burger without some cheese, but I like to make mini ones with roasted sweet potatoes as the bun. They are amazing. I also need at least some cheese on my taco. Love your ideas for lightening up taco night! I usually do taco salad. I think I'm going to start lifting light weights soon. It is supposed to really help you tone up. Enjoy your week! xo

  4. Your lunch looked so good as did your dinner!! I normally don't eat eggs unless it's the weekend, but now I'm craving them for breakfast! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Way to go girl! I have eggs every morning for breakfast, I swear I eat less if I start the day with protein. I've been trying to kick my sweets habit and it's sooo hard but not keeping it in the house helps.

  6. That's one of my favorite lunches of choice whenever I work from home!

  7. Girl, this is a very healthy day! I can never do a post like this because it'd make me feel too bad about some of the crap I eat, ha! Or maybe that's why I should... ;)

  8. Your lunch looks delicious, kind of similar to my breakfast I made this morning :) I'm pretty sure I eat double the amount of food you eat... You don't need to justify a thing girl!

  9. This all looks so yummy! And I love that you have water first instead of coffee, it's actually much better for our immune/digestive systems to do that. I should probably follow suit ;-)

  10. You are such a good eater! You definitely deserve that frosting! I need to start photographing my meals. Then maybe I would stop snacking. You know what kills me? Taylor's school snacks. I have a box of a million of those small Nutella and breadstick packets from Costco (that my husband bought - I could kill him) and I wind up eating one in front of the TV at 11 pm lately. It is so bad.

  11. No harm done with just a few bites, girl! And you know running after those kids all day burned them off in about 2.834 seconds. Your taco Tuesday looks especially delicious. May be needing a taco Wednesday now thanks to you hah.

  12. Everything looks good! Way to go! I try and do the same thing before coffee - water, juice, green tea anything!

  13. i need everything in this post. i am bad about doing the same foods over and over, so your day gave some great ideas!

  14. I do dupes like that all the time, lettuce wraps while Mark eats locos Doritos taco shells next to me.......why can't we have the metabolism of men? :-) I'm with you girl cutting out the cheese in my life is so hard!

  15. Eggs are always my go to! Love them. The Garden of Eatin chips are the best! I will have to find that hummus - we are big hummus eaters. I usually sub Greek yogurt for sour cream too.


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