Jul 21, 2015

Small Cross Body Bags

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Today let's talk small: small bags.  For years, starting when Avery was born, I was a staunch proponent of the oversized tote.  I purchased them voraciously in the form of the LV Neverfull, Longchamps biggest and best, and the Annabel Ingall haul all.  But after years of hauling these bad boys around, overfilled with things for me and the kids, my shoulders are starting to take a serious beating.

Maybe I'm just getting old.  But that's another story for another day.

Lately, to save my shoulders from agony, I have started becoming obsessed with small, cross body bags.  I'm all about tossing what I need for the kids in a compact bag in the stroller or car, and keeping my essentials to a minimum.  It has been making a world of difference in how my shoulders feel at the end of the day, and it makes it so much easier to switch bags around.  

I snagged this pink bag during the Kate Spade sale and have been using it nonstop!  It is actually pretty small but holds a lot and doubles as a fun little tote!

This Gigi Bag is another amazing cross body I have and love! It is super small, but so light and so fun to wear (you barely know it's there!)  

I rounded up a few bags that I own and some that I am just coveting.  They're all small and so easy to carry.  I would be really happy if anyone wants to remind my family that the Gucci one would be great for someone (ahem, me) on their birthday this year.  I'm just saying...

You can shop all of the bags below!

Someone PLEASE buy the pineapple bag and take a zillion pictures of it please!


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  1. I'm still carrying around a big bag and I constantly think that I need to change to a smaller one! It gets heavy and annoying. Love the pink one you got - it's so pretty and Kate Spade is my fave! Xo

  2. LOVING your KS bag you scored during their sale! And I just picked up the smaller KS crossbody at the Nordstrom sale, and I can't wait til it arrives! Being hands free is the best feeling especially while traveling :-D

  3. I love the color of the bag you bought and I'm totally into cross body's myself!! I actually took a strap from my other LV and put it on my speedy so that I could wear it more lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Ooh I love that Kate Spade one you got! The color is perfect for summer! I've had my eye on the Gigi crossbody and what I would give for a Chloe bag!!

  5. I love my LV bag, but use my crossover when I don't want to lug it all around.

  6. I love my small cross body. I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs gray/greige one and I love it for running around!

  7. I just consolidated my work bag and purse into one bag and I feel like a new woman today hahaha. I am all about the small cross body bags. That gucci one.....major swoon worthy!

  8. I love that cute little Tory Burch bucket bag! Adorable! I used to use just one large purse but now I've taken to using smaller crossbody's on the weekend and evenings. Still stuck with my giant tote for the commute in though!

  9. I really love the Kate Spade one, the color, the shape, everything. But honestly everything Kate Spade makes is awesome!

  10. I'm with you... The smaller cross body is where it's at! Love all of these picks!

  11. I'm trying to become more of a smaller bag girl because I swear when I have a big bag I end up carrying so much more junk! Love that pink KS one you got


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