Aug 26, 2015


It's been a minute since I have talked about diet around here, and for accountability's sake (and my waistline) I figured I better get on it!  Let me preface this with, this run down is from a couple of days ago, at my parents' house.  I'm not there anymore, and with all of the traveling I have been pretty horrendous with my eating habits. I have been really loose with the sweets and going too long between meals, and ending up shoveling whatever I can into my face.  I'm trying really hard to get back on track, not just for vanity's sake, but because I feel pretty damn crappy when I eat like crap.  You are what you eat, and the older I get, the more I feel that!

7:30 am - Coffee with Stevia (I prefer the liquid) and organic creamer

I worked out after this for 45 minutes, hitting the treadmill and the jump rope (ass kicker!)

9:30 am - My breakfast was a light and fit greek yogurt, which isn't the healthiest, but it tastes so good and paired with a cappucino protein shake gave me a filling serving of protein to keep me full until lunch time.

1:45 pm - That breakfast kept me full for SO long!  I had some veggie sushi, seaweed salad and a spicy tuna roll that I shared with my parents.

2:00 pm - Let's be honest, a third of that sushi just wasn't going to cut it, so I grabbed a couple of spoonfuls of organic peanut butter (healthy fats) to fill me up.

3:30ish and 4:00 pm - And then I get snacky.  And apparently tired.  I grabbed a cold brew with some soy for protein, a chunk of asiago cheese and a green apple.  This was a definitely satisfying snack and one I need to revisit more often.  The fiber and protein from the apple and cheese keep me full much longer than a handful of carbs.

8:00 pm - Dinner was late tonight, but worth the wait. I made roasted salmon with a tiny bit of organic butter and a summer corn relish.  I served it over homemade organic mashed potatoes and a side of broccoli with asiago.  I like my dinners big (man appetite right here) and I try to fill them with complex carbs, veggies and protein.  If I don't try to get that balance right I tend to get too snacky after.  This kept me nice and full!

I have been eating way too many desserts, candies, and gluten for no reason other than I can't get to anything else.  There are always excuses, but I need to try to eat more like this on a daily basis to keep my energy levels up, sleep better, and just feel not so much like a beached whale (bad carbs = all the bloat.)  

On that note, I will say that it is Summer, travel is rough, and we are allowed to live a little.  So instead of beating myself up about my eating habits, I am going to enjoy a few bites of something bad every now and then, and keep trying to eat my best.

I have also been switching up my work outs big time lately.  I'm working on a post on that for next week, but as with anything, change is good!

I can't find the link up, but I figured I would put this out there anyway for anyone as nosy as I am! Have a fabulous day babes! -xo

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  1. Gimme all the sushi!! Your salmon dinner looked incredible -i love adding a little cheese to my veggies too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

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  4. Your dinner looks amazing, lady! I have a man appetite too, and sometimes it's a struggle to get enough protein to keep me from getting snacky! Like you, I've had a lot of travel this summer so the clean eating has dropped off immensely. I'm not going to beat myself up too much, just going to try to get better.

  5. Your dinner looks SO good! You should share your organic mashed potatoes recipe because I've been looking for one of those ;) And I'm with you on eating all of the sweets lately, I blame summer.

  6. Wow, this all looks fantastic! Where do you find your cappucino protein shake? And your salmon dinner looks so delish!!

  7. Yay for jumping rope, such a butt-kicking workout and for organic food options! I've recently jumped on the organic train, and I can't believe it took me so long and all the fake/processed crap I had been putting in my body. That protein shake and your dinner look DELISH!

  8. I love these posts so much! They also help me to realize I wait way too long to eat - I should be snacking more! Especially since I get hungry and just decide to wait until the next meal - I'm not creative with snacks like you are.

  9. Yummm to your dinner and that snack of cheese with an apple is perfect! Keep it up, girl. You look great!

  10. I am nosy as well and love to see what people eat! I have a terrible habit of not eating in between meals and supplementing with coffee. I like your apple and cheese meal I need to start packing more little snacks like that.


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