Sep 30, 2015

Shopping: Friends and Family

The Bloomingdale's Friends and Family event is live and in full effect! There are so many great basics, and fun new Fall pieces included.  A lot of what isn't included is included in Loyalist bonus points.   I spent too much time adding things to my cart and accruing a massive wish list, which you can see below!

Happy shopping! Have a fabulous day! -xx

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Sep 29, 2015

Shopping: House Lust List

This week's theme is pineapples.  No, but really it is.  I cannot seem to get enough, and any time I see any sort of home decor (big plus if it is in white or gold) in the shape of a pineapple, I am ALL OVER IT.  I think it all stems from my sadness over accidentally breaking my white ceramic pineapple while cleaning a few weeks ago.  My soul needs pineapple, as does my house!  

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 

I love these mugs and need more to add to my collection! I want to get them in all of our family initials.  Speaking of collections, I want to start one of these... and lots of these.  There is also nothing more fabulous than a chic pair of coffee tables (under $100!) or sleek chairs.  Good things come in pairs! And pineapples.  

Have a fabulous day babes! -xx

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Sep 28, 2015

Stye: Gingham + Crochet

Happy Monday lovelies!  Today, we are talking mixed textures; mixed styles; just the mixxxxx.  How many x's are necessary?  Anyway, one of my favorite ways to transition seasons is with a great pair of shorts and a long sleeve top of some sort.  When it's too cold for a sweater, an amazing button down is the best.  What better way to mix it up than with a fun, Summery crochet short and a preppy gingham shirt.   That, and an easy cross-body bag, with which to leave ones hands free for child wrangling.

Shorts, Target // Shirt, J.Crew Factory // Sunglasses, Amazon // Bag, Kate Spade // Shoes, Tory Burch  // Necklace, J.Crew Factory // Necklace, Stella and Dot

I love how crop tops are making a comeback.  I thoroughly enjoyed buying a shirt that exposed the maximum amount of stomach possible circa 2003.  I really couldn't fathom a tunic, let alone, a shirt that hit my pelvic bones.  Let's just say since having kids my abs aren't what they once were, so while the crop top is sentimental, it is currently also not my favorite.  The little front tie is a nice happy medium.  BUT, how cute would these shorts be with the perfect 3/4 sleeved swingy cropped shirt?  Thought stream... I'll leave you to it Monday!

Have a fabulous day babes! -xx

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Sep 25, 2015

Links + Lately

Happy Friday beautiful people!  I'm so ready for the weekend!  I rounded up all of the good reads for you below, and a little camera roll run down of what's been going on...


5 Sources of Sugar You Wouldn't Expect
A great read on all of the fructose added to food products you may not realize, including bread!

Bethenny Frankel's Take On Diet and Exercise
I am one of those people who needs a gentle reminder that exercising like a maniac is not the answer for weight loss.  I love her perspective on this and personal advice.

6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child's Crappy Behavior
I have children who can behave seriously crappy and I love wine. This is a must read!

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Dancing at the US Open
If this doesn't make you giggle, then I don't know what will!


Have a fabulous weekend babes! -xx

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Sep 24, 2015

Style: The Best Striped Shirt + Happiness Boutique

It's official:  this stripes addict has found the perfect striped tee.  It's got extra long sleeves,  that are perfect for rolling, and a delicious, swingy fit.  It's on sale right now for $35 in two colors (always a plus!) 

What pairs better with the most amazing striped shirt than the perfect fall necklace to match everything?  Nothing, right?  Right.  This necklace from Happiness Boutique is on insanely heavy rotation for me right now.  It matches absolutely everything and is so lightweight, unlike most statement necklaces (and why I avoid them!)  I wear this basically every day at this point.  The best part?  The $15 price tag, free shipping, and shopping points program.  I'm a sucker for free shipping and earning rewards.  

Shirt, J.Crew - on sale for $35 in some colors! //  Jeans, Paige Denim // Bag, Gigi New York // Necklace, Happiness Boutique c/o - this is the Spiky Sparkly Statement Necklace // Shoes, Nine West // Hair by Jose Eber Salon

Also I got a little (major) hair chop.  I can't wait to tell you guys about the most amazing salon day I had - stay tuned!  Make sure you pop over to Happiness Boutique and check out their statement necklaces! I have my eye on this bracelet set and these vintage style statement studs.   And grab this top before it is gone!

Have a fabulous day! -xx

I was compensated by Happiness Boutique for this post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  I never endorse a product I wouldn't buy myself!

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Sep 23, 2015

Giveaway: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Happy Fall babes! To celebrate this first day of my favorite season ever, I'm linking up with some lovely ladies to host a great giveaway to get into the Fall spirit - a $75 Starbucks gift card!  That translates to some seriously copious amounts of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!   All of the details are below...

Hosted by: The Sequin Notebook, Jessi's Design, Twin Living Blog, A Little Glitter, Living On Cloud Nine, By Kari Parker, Pink and Fabulous, Lisa Loves John, Green Fashionista and Meet @ the Barre

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!  -xx
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Sep 22, 2015

Shopping: Lust List

1 - You can never have too many little black dresses in your closet. This number's cutouts make it a total standout.

2 - Not only is this tote totally vegan, but it's the perfect size to carry everything you need and it comes in under $50!

3 - The dreamy color and fit of this top take it from day to night, and make it the ultimate romantic piece to add to your wardrobe.

4 - I mean, these booties! They're popping up everywhere this week in the blogosphere and I am adding them to the top of my list!

5 - This is definitely a little bit of a splurge, but my love of a fabulous chunky ring makes me just really, really, really (all of the really's) want this!

6 - A fun twist on the plaid button down that would be a complete repeater this Fall.

7 - The seasons may be changing, but this little clutch is the perfect way to keep a touch of Summer in your life year-round.

8 - Give me all of the off the shoulder shirts! This is the perfect little top for a night out, no matter what the season.

Have a fabulous day babes! -xx

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Sep 21, 2015

Style: Coral Denim

Do you guys remember when colored denim became a thing a few years ago?  I was so anti, probably because I couldn't even accept the loss of the bootcut.  But then I started gradually dipping my toes into the colored water with some black and grey, and kept straight on going until I found this pair.  I think they scream colored and I don't mind one bit.  They're insanely comfortable, and a perfect fit.  They're on crazy sale now, so if your size is left, I highly recommend scooping them up, you won't regret it!

Tee Shirt, Rag and Bone The Classic V // Jeans, J. Brand Photo Ready, available in plain denim here // Necklace , Gjenmi Jewelry // Sandals, Tory Burch Thora Sandal // Sunglasses, Amazon

Have a fabulous day babes! -xx

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Sep 17, 2015

Fitness: Heart Rate Monitors

Let's talk workout realness today.  As in, sometimes I wonder what the point of a workout is if I don't know exactly how many calories I burned or how hard I worked?  I know, OCD to the max and pretty obnoxious, but there is no shame here.  I know it.  So, from that - who here is as addicted to wearing a heart rate monitor when they work out as I am?  

Yes, I hope you all raised your hands just like my emoji homegirl.  Why am I so addicted to the heart rate monitor?  Because I can see my heart rate and either step it up, keep it going, or take it down a little.  It's an amazing gauge during a workout to help you work harder and smarter.  

It took me a lot of practice to figure out what was the best "zone" for me.  My gym offered a monitoring session to determine what is optimal and I tried to use this for a while.  It was a great jumping off point.  I definitely used a lot of trial and error, poor math skills and playing around to see when I burn the most for the longest.  For me, it is usually around 125.  I can do intervals and get up to 150-160, but after those kind of workout I generally feel like a ravenous monster, so it isn't always worth it for me to work to that level.  

I have literally spent three years playing around with different heart rate monitors, and finding my optimal work out zones and who better to share all of my random findings with than you guys?!

When it comes to heart rate monitors, in my unprofessional opinion, I always say go for the Polar FT Watch.  You can get it for about $60 online now.  When I got mine a few years ago they were almost $200! I still use this almost daily and find it gives the most accurate reading.  The band is a pain to put on, but I don't mind for the accuracy.  It's a give and take here people!

I have also tried really, really hard to love the FitBit Charge HR, but it just isn't work out.  Don't get me wrong, it is an excellent step counter (that doesn't require your wrist to be moving!) but as a heart rate monitor, it doesn't quite do it.  The band as to be just the right tightness and it can't move at all.  When I am getting really sweaty in hot yoga or spin, it slips around and stops monitoring my heart rate altogether.  There is nothing like an hour of spin that reads as 120 calories burned! You also have to do the calorie math in your head, and that just really doesn't work out for me.  But, again, for counting steps, this is awesome!

I also gave Garmin VivoFit the good old college try, but I must have purchased a jenky one because the band that goes around your chest was literally cutting my skin open.  #fail 

So if you are like me, and love a great, accurate calorie reading for your workout, these are my experiences!  Are there any other great HR monitors out there that I am missing? Let me know!

Have a fabulous day! -xx

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Sep 16, 2015

The Nordstrom Sale Topshop Top That Everyone Got

Who snatched up  this top during the Nordstrom sale?  I'm pretty sure every blogger did, myself included and there is no shame in that game.  It is a fantastic piece in a vibrant color, with an amazing fit.  It flows just right, the cut gives it just right amount of sass and business mixed together, and it really comfortable on.  Guess what?! It's marked down to $38!  I just found it in sleeveless too!  Such a great, versatile top!

Blouse, Topshop (on sale!) and in sleeveless here  //  Jeans, 7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion // Shoes, Vince Camuto // Bag, Clare V. 

I also picked these beauties up at Nordstrom and I cannot say enough great things about them.  They have a 3 and 1/4 inch heel, but they are oddly comfortable and you can't really feel the height thanks to the stacked heel.  They also make an awesome clicking/clacking sound when you walk, clearly of the utmost importance whilst shoe shopping.

Have a fabulous day babes! -xx
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