Sep 15, 2015

Beauty: Empties Summer and Travel

I have recently become addicted to when beauty bloggers post their empties and discuss whether they would re-purchase them or not.  Seriously, these are addictive and really make you think about your purchases.  Plus, I shop based on recommendations ninety nine percent of the time.  So, without further ado, I bring you my own version of empties.  This was based on products I used during our Summer travel so it is smaller containers and very Summer focused products.

Let's break it down, starting with the top row:

Angel Hair Sun Protection Cream - This was something I purchased at my former salon.  It is meant to be a sun protection cream and I was told I could use it as a sort of serum/cream.  This is a definite NO on repurchasing.  It was way too pricey, I don't think it protected my hair color one bit and it made me feel just greasy and gross.

Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Wash - This isn't the most natural product, but it packs a lot of bang for its buck.  I always buy a bottle of this for travel, because it is worth its weight in gold.  I use it on the kids' hair and bodies.  I use it as body wash and shave gel for me.  I wash gentle clothing and bathing suits with it.  It is such a packing saver! This is a definite re-buy!

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray -  This was a travel size section buy on a whim.  This small bottle lasted me a surprisingly long time (the entire Summer!)  I used it on my hair both wet and dry, and think it is a quality beach spray, especially for the under $10 price tag! Definite re-buy!

Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 - This sunscreen is the  It is lightweight, not greasy and packs serious protection.  Hands down my favorite, and I tried ALL of the sunscreens this Summer (a good skin cancer surgery and scare will do that to ya!)  I highly recommend this and will definitely be repurchasing!

Amore Pacific Time Response Intensive Renewal Hand Cream - This feels like butter on your skin and its amazing.  Is it worth $100 and change?  I don't think so.  I think any thick cream is great on hands if used regularly enough.  This is a non repurchase.

Aquaphor - How can you not love Aquaphor?  This is my go-to lip cream, cuticle cream, cut healer, general ointment, eyelid glistener and I use it on the kids.  The best multi-use cream/ointment there is!  Already re-purchased!

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel - I have a bigger one of these at home I have been using.  I used this religiously all Summer and plowed through several travel size and a full size.  You use a tiny bit of water to form a paste out of it and it is supposed to basically give you a nice exfoliating peel.  For the brand, the sixty dollar price tag isn't too crazy either.  Do I think it works, at least on my skin?  No.  I saw no changed, and I made sure to use it enough that I would see results.  Rebuy? No.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne - This was a sample size gift and I absolutely fell in love with this perfume.  A tiny bit goes a long way and the smell is completely addictive.  I have already re-purchased this in a larger size and still adore it!

Let me know what you thought of this post! I'm hoarding empty product bottles at home for another one if you guys liked it!

Have a fabulous day! -xx

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  1. I am such a mini and sample queen person so that when I actually buy something real/true size you know I love it. I 100% agree girl, these posts are straight up addicting!

  2. Oh I love this post! I always enjoy hearing what products others try and love but too often we don't hear about the duds! I wouldn't have thought to use J&J to wash clothes in a pinch but will now keep a mini bottle in my toiletry bag for traveling!

  3. So funny - we both have empties posts today!! The jo malone fragrance is one I've been wanting to try!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Definitely going to have to pick up that Neutrogena Beach Defense, love that it's not greasy :)

    Green Fashionista

  5. I love this idea for an empties post! I use a 30 SPF in the Beach Defense and love it. It's awesome and not cloggy at all.

    xo, Carly | carly blogs

  6. I definitely want to try that Neutrogena sunscreen - I love all their other products so that sounds great.

  7. I ALWAYS start with mini/trial sizes of new products if they're available! It's a great way to test things out! You can never go wrong with Aquaphor, I swear by that stuff!

  8. Mini's is such a great idea for a starter (and at least you can suck it up and use it just for travel if you hate it). Neutrogena sunscreen for faces is my only brand go-to these days; it's the best!


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