Sep 4, 2015

Beauty: Strong Lash

Let's talk about something 99.9% of women think about when it comes to beauty:  our lashes.  I'm very lash vain.  I feel like when my lashes look good, nothing else matters.  Like I could have zits everywhere and the splotchiest face, but if my lashes are thick and long and luscious, I'm basically a princess.  

I was getting lash extensions for a while, but they're hard to keep up with if they require scheduling a babysitter and were starting to hurt a little.  My lashes definitely took a serious beating from those babies.  While they were so fun to have, it took me a little while to get my lashes back from it.  Enter Strong Lash.  This little bottle of lash love hit my lash line (right where the lashes meet the lid) twice a day for a solid month.  The results?  My lashes were no longer falling out, felt strong to the touch, and were longer.  

When I was pregnant with Greyson, almost all of my eyelashes fell out.  I had always had pretty decent eyelashes, so this seemed very traumatic to me.  Plus, no one looks good without any lashes and an enormous belly!  After he was born I tried everything to get my lashes back - I religiously applied coconut oil and Latisse to them.  They came back, but were never what they used to be.  In comparison to the prescription lash serum I used, I would say this is equivalent in the results I achieved.   The greatest thing I notice is how much stronger my lashes are.  They aren't falling out left and right and if I tug on them, they don't fall out.

A single tube retails for $67 (or two for $120.)  Strong Lash has offered Pink and Fabulous readers 30% off with code Pink30.    

I am so excited for this weekend - after two full days of back to school, it seems like the longest week we have had in ages!  Hope you all have an amazing long weekend babes!

*I was compensated by Strong Lash for this post with product to use and review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I was so happy that my lashes no longer feel out after I used this!!! It was a great little product!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Ive heard great things about this product! So glad that it worked wonders for you :)

  3. I keep hearing amazing things about this, I think it's time to check it out. Yay for it working so well on you :)

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  4. After I am done with my lash extensions I am going to try this! Lashes make such a difference in someone's face!

  5. So glad this worked for you! Extensions were definitely fun, but it was so amazingly wonderful to be able to just rub my eyes really well after getting those things off hah. Happy long weekend!


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