Sep 3, 2015

Workout: The Jump Rope

Who here has picked up a jump rope since the 6th grade?  That answer would be me.  Until recently.  In a renewed effort to change things up (particularly where cardio is concerned) I have started adding jumping rope into my workouts.  It. Is. No. Joke.  

There are so many reasons why I am loving the jump rope lately.  It has been so great for all of the traveling we have been doing, because it takes up no space in my suitcase and I can do it anywhere.  Just five minutes adds an extra calorie burn to any workout I am doing.  My knees have been killing me lately, so I can't run as much.  Jumping rope doesn't hurt them as much thanks to the fluidity of motion aspect, putting less strain on joints, while still getting a great workout in.  It's actually lower impact than running, and if done for long enough can burn more calories (I'm working up to that amount.  Slowly.)

I have been adding in minute bursts of jumping rope when I do at home strength workouts.  I have also been trying to add five minutes before I do those workouts, or my Barre3 online workouts.  I average an extra 50-100 calorie burn on my workouts depending on how much I do.  This is obviously just for me personally, but I am loving how I get so much out of such a small piece of equipment and time frame.

I linked a few TKO products below.  I own the resistance bands and am working on figuring out how to use them in workouts!  All items are via Macy's.

Who is on the jump rope train with me?  Is it just me?  I could post videos and or pictures of me actually in action, but that isn't really for public consumption yet (wink, wink.)  I'm thinking boxing in some form is going to be my next venture.  I used to take kick boxing classes and I am really missing them!  It's all about the old school workouts that work!

*This post is sponsored by TKO, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Man I haven't used a jump rope in SO long. I definitely think it'd be a crazy good way to get you sweating tho! :)

  2. I love using a jump rope to workout. It's a great way to get your heart rate up QUICK!

  3. Don't laugh at me but I haven't done the jump rope in more than 10 years. I don't even know if I can do it any more! Is that something you can forget...? Now I want to try again! Haha!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I'm going to jump rope and hula hoop today and call it a day! My kind of workout ;)

  5. I've done it before. At home and in gym classes. IT IS SO HARD! I didn't even do it enough to work up to several minutes. Maybe I should get a cute one like yours and remotivate.

  6. Oh man, some of my workouts include jumping rope and IT KILLS ME. It is so much harder than you would expect!

    xo, Carly - soak and simmer

  7. I haven't done jump rope in SO long, but I do remember it getting my heart rate up back in the day! It would probably do even more so now that I am old, lol!

  8. I used to be so good at the jump rope. I tried teaching E how to do it and I SUCK!!! I couldn't do it to save my life lol!

  9. I hadn't jumped rope in yearssssss, and recently picked it up again. Such an amazing workout! It's seriously no joke :)


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