Oct 22, 2015

Health: That Time I Sort of Did a Juice Cleanse

How do you feel about that title?  I use the term sort of loosely.  It wasn't exactly like I did a juice cleanse and stopped.  I actually modified the juice cleanse based on my prior experiences with it to make it more effective for me.  I am by no means a health or medical professional, so please feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong and I what I can learn from this experience to make it better for the future.  

Let me preface this with the fact that I have done the Blueprint Three Day Juice Cleanse before in its entirety.  I personally did not like it.  I felt like pure death doing it, however there were a lot of great takeaways from it for me.  My friend had also done the cleanse and we both talked a lot about it and what would do to make it work better for us.  We decided to give it a try, but for four days this time, with four juices throughout the day and a dinner of vegetables and lean protein.  

Here is how the cleanse went down: 

Since I ordered my cleanse from an online grocer, I went with the double serving bottle of green juice.  I drank half as my first juice and the other half as my third.  I drank the Pineapple Apple Mint as my second juice and the Lemon Cayenne Agave as my fourth, just as the regular cleanse goes.  I personally do not care for the last two juices of the full cleanse (beet juice and cashew milk) so I was more than happy to skip those.  I literally gag on them both for no reason.  

Here is how my day went in order:

7:00 am - Right after I woke up I drank hot water with lemon

9:00 am - Green Juice

11:30 am - Pineapple Apple Mint

12:30 pm - Green Tea

2:30 pm - Green Juice

4:30 pm - Lemon Cayenne Agave

I usually drank another cup or two of green tea because the caffeine withdrawal was real and I was struggling.  On days three and four I ate a handful of raw cashews around lunchtime because I thought I was going to pass out from hunger and lack of energy.  Every night I ate kale and spinach with plain roasted chicken, except for the second night when we were out for dinner.  I had a veggie burger and a salad, but I did cheat and had a small glass of wine and some bites of a regular burger patty with cheese.  To be perfectly honest, I didn't feel the least bit badly about that either.  My body was craving it so I went with it.

My takeaways:  Cleansing is hard, even when there is a meal at the end of the day, BUT it is worth it.  I had been on a downhill food spiral and this really helped get me back on track.  I went back to wanting to eat healthy foods like fresh vegetables and not craving junk foods.  It's basically like hitting the reset switch after a glutinous Summer.  Granted, my birthday came and I have been a little off the rails since, but I am finding it much easier to get back to healthier eating since I have done this.  I'm planning on doing it again in the New Year to reset after the holidays.  

My tips (remember, I am NOT a professional):

- Do it with a friend.  This makes a world of difference.  Having someone to support you and to commiserate with is so key.
- Clean out your fridge ahead of time.  Having anything too tempting on hand is just asking for trouble, so don't have it.  This in turn led to my kids eating much more healthy meals than they would have, which made me feel really good.
- Pre-purchase everything you need.  This will keep you out of the grocery store!
- Do not work out excessively.  Just don't do it.  You won't feel great and your energy will be depleted.  Some yoga seems to be pretty perfect for me when I am cleansing.
-Epsom salt baths.  They're detoxifying and really help you relax and get all of the junk out of your system.

That is my experience - have you guys done this or something similar?  What did you think and do you have any tips?  Let me know!

Have a fabulous day! -xx

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  1. I've had Blueprint juices before and I have to say they are the best in my opinion for store bought juices. I find that doing a juice cleanse isn't the best way to go for me, because I like to actually crunch on things. I've added a green juice in place of a meal here or there, but always have dinner at least. The lemon was one of my favorites and I LOVED their 'dessert' juice, so tasty!

  2. Wow! It does seem hard. It's good that you had a friend to do it with and that you added a meal and some nuts, everything in moderation. And wine totally counts as juice.... Grape juice ;) xo

  3. I seriously have a juice for breakfast and I'm like NOPE can't do a full day of juices lol!! Way to go - at least you went for it again! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I dont know if I could just do juices throughout the day... but I'm glad that this setup worked for you to reset things!

  5. I've always wanted to do a cleanse but I know I'd pass out from not eating any real food. I swear for me I can be full off of a shake or something and my body will still tell me I'm hungry. I think subconsciously it's because I didn't chew anything lol! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. I wish I could do one of these but I seriously question if I actually could - I get so hangry! It would have to be on a week that I'm home alone or something or I'd probably kill my husband, ha! The lemon cayenne agave one sounds delish.

  7. I know I could never do this (The hangry symptoms would be no joke), but I would love to start my days off with some lemon water and an organic cold pressed juice. You rocked this gurlie!

    Green Fashionista

  8. I love your tips – I feel like if I did it with my husband or a friend it would be so much easier and having a clear fridge with no temptations would be key for me! It really does seem so hard but would be really nice to reset things after the holiday season!

  9. I have always wanted to try a cleanse...and your tips are super helpful. I just don't know if I could keep up with is. I love the idea to reset after a spiral of unhealthy eating...sometimes you just need that!


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