Oct 2, 2015

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10 Best-Selling Books to Read This Fall
I haven't read a single one off of this list, but I really enjoy a lot of the authors on it.  I fully plan on trying to tackle this (but making it more year-round!)

Hipster Barbie's Instagram
I was literally crying from laughing so hard at this.  #dead

Things No Self-Respecting Adult Should Do on Facebook
Yes to all of these.  Read this list and try not to tell me you can't rattle off a list of abusers!

Sugar, Please Sleep
Lindsey made this AMAZING video and if you have kids (or don't) you will absolutely appreciate it.  And want a nap.  And that cute sleep mask!

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Life has been B-U-S-Y lately!  Fall is kicking my butt.  To the point that I was baking up a storm... and making sure to finish everything I baked, therefore a cleanse was in order! It has been rough, but I am plowing through.  Full recap on that to come!  Even though the days are very, very full, I love decorating for Fall - candles, candy, pumpkins, the works! It just makes me so happy! It already has me excited for Christmas - is that normal?  

I rounded up my fave outfits lately too!  Clockwise from top left:

1. Dress - Equipment
2.  Necklace - old BaubleBar, Top - old Rag and Bone.  Same style here
3. Shirt - old Sundry.  Love this one
4. Top -  Loft, Shoes - Amazon (thanks Pamela!)

I'm off to join the masses on the hunt for batteries and water bottles! Stay dry this weekend!

Have a fabulous day! -xx

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  1. I haven't ready any of those books either - but they are coming out with the martian soon so i'm debating on reading it and then seeing the movie or just opting for the movie LOL! Reading that facebook post I'm like nodding my head at people I'm "friends" with that do that LOL! Happy friday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That first picture of lil man is everything. And oh the Facebook post, seriously, grown adults and facebook make me shake my head. Why do people post things like that and why do people care who likes their statuses? Crazy! I need to check out the book list, I love adding more to my ever growing list! Happy Friday, beautiful!

  3. Your outfits have been on point lady! Loving that leopard print dress especially, and the plaid paired with the super cute shoes. Ok, like I said, I love it all! :)

  4. Hipster Barbie's instagram is hilarious. I love that first dress(the subtle leopard print one!) Have a great weekend! xo

  5. Obsessed with that animal print dress! And I really need to hop on this cold pressed juice train. Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. OMG Hipster Barbie's Instagram. I just can't even deal. So funny! Obsessing over your leopard print dress! So pretty and would look killer with booties and a scarf for the cooler days! Love! Happy Friday doll!

  7. Can't wait to hear about your cleanse - I desperately need to do one of those! Too much pumpkin bread (as if that were such a thing ;)). And I'm obsessed with the Barbie Instagram accounts, sooo funny. Happy Friday!

  8. That hipster barbie Insta account is HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing! I am cracking up!

  9. I need to get back into reading as well! Thanks for the list! Hippster Barbie is hilarious! Love your outfits! Happy Friday!

  10. Omg I just started following Hipster Barbie and I can't get enough of it! Hilarious!! I especially like hipster Ken :)

  11. YES to Hipster Barbie - it is so hysterical and spot-on!!

  12. love the swag of your little in that top pic! too cute. girl i am so busy too, like the closest i will get to reading books this season is reading that list! one day i'll get caught up! happy weekend :)


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