Oct 30, 2015

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My last name is Newton and most people have called me that or some variation (including Newts) my entire life.  Got the same problem?  Then this will be super relatable.

A great list of healthy Halloween candy that the brilliant woman who owns my gym found.  My new go-to reference!

A great list of safe candy to look for or hand out on Halloween.

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Life lately... it has been something.  My husband has a new job that keeps him gone very long hours, and the kids' schedules seem to just keep growing and growing.  I'm honestly struggling to balance everything in life.  There are nights when I collapse on the couch, having gotten no work done and my house looking like a hot mess.  I have a to do list so long I can barely look at it without having an anxiety attack, plus piles of laundry and house projects every five feet in my home.  I struggle with anxiety and OCD so this is a tough situation for me.  I want to give 110% to everything I do and when I can't, I sort of abandon it and have a breakdown.  Honestly, there are days lately that remind me of the months after Greyson was first born and I suffered from postpartum depression that left me feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.  

I like to keep this space happy and positive because those are the vibes I want to be putting out.  Sure, I can be sarcastic, snarky and sometimes kind of a beyotch, but I really want to be a nice, kind person and strive to be one.  I want this space to reflect that, but I have to be honest, it wouldn't be real if I didn't tell it like it is.  And right now "it" is rough.  I need to work on my time management skills and learn the ability to say no.  I need to focus on setting up our office so that I have an organized, usable work space.  I need to prioritize my schedule and set it in stone so that I have hours set aside to work, and time where I can focus entirely on the kids and having fun with them.  How do you ladies do it?  So many of you juggle work, multiple jobs and careers, and families and I need your tips.  Amanda shared a great post on getting it all done and it really got me thinking about things.  I need to draw a hard line on some things and really manage my time better.  You all manage so much in your days and I look to you all as such amazing resources, and you all amaze me with how much you all accomplish and keep it together!  Send me your tips... and wine.  Lots of wine!

Have a fabulous Halloween! I'm off to run around like a complete maniac for the next... forseeable future ;)  -xx

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  1. I definitely go through those rough times too (and I don't even have kids!). The best thing for me when I am feeling bad is to just get up and do something that you've been putting off. Accomplishing something seems to get me on the right track, even if it's something small. And working out! I've noticed my mood and attitude towards everything dips to a low if I haven't been to the gym consistently!

  2. I hope that things start feeling a little less overwhelming. I'm not 100% sure how to make that happen, but I hope that it does. If you need to take small breaks from blogging (or even big ones) that's ok...we'll all still be here when you get back. The important thing is to take care of YOU! Sending you hugs!!

  3. Oh, lady! No one has it all together, we all just pretend :)! I think you need to figure out what can be 'let go' for a bit while you figure out a new balance with your husband's new job. If that's less time here, okay. No worries, we will be here with open arms when you choose to return. Take care of you and those most important, everything else is just STUFF!!!!! <3

  4. Ugh I'm so sorry you have been a bit overwhelmed. I was meaning on doing a post like this too, lately my anxiety has been SO bad, and I've never suffered from it before. It's no joke.
    Just take everything day by day and try to do what you can, and not put too much pressure on yourself. Way harder said than done, I know. It's not easy when you feel like you're losing control of things. Thinking of you friend xoxo

  5. I hope things start feeling less overwhelming for you soon! I know exactly what you're going through (well minus the kid thing). My husband has been having to travel a LOT for work and he was gone for 17 days in Sept and now is leaving on Monday for 13 days so I feel overwhelmed then. It's definitely tough without your support system but you just need to make sure to set aside some time for you! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. I hope you get adjusted soon! Traveling with work is so difficult for both people involved. Have a great weekend!

  7. Aw girl don't be so hard on yourself - you are doing a great job because your kids and husband are happy so just make sure you are too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I always feel the same way.. How am I going to get it all done. I want to be the best at everything I do. I had t to get to a point that I was ok with it I hope things get better!!
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  9. Awwww Momma, I'm sure you're doing great! And don't worry... we all suffer through periods that are more stressful than others. You're definitely not alone! I actually tackled this subject a little when I first started blogging about how I try to keep it all together. You can see all of the posts under my "Working Momma Series" tag.

    Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend! I hope you can take some time to relax and get it all together!

    <3 Linds at

  10. Gal, I think lots of people can relate and we all go through our "busy seasons." You're doing an awesome job and keep your head up. The holidays are upon us and you know how busy they can be. Prioritize what is important and let go just a little.... It will make you feel a whole lot better. xoxo !!

  11. I wish I had some magic advice to make everything better!! Just try and remember that this is a season and you'll get through it, even if it doesn't feel like it. Easier said than done course! Just try and take it day by day and as long as your family is happy and healthy, some other things can fall by the wayside (cleaning, blogging). Thinking of you, girlfriend!!


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