Nov 13, 2015

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I suffer from Resting Bitch Face. It's real and apparently it means you're smart.  Read that here.

My husband now works at Dr. Oz and comes homes with some seriously interesting fun facts, including this one:  cooking rice with coconut oil can decrease the amount of calories in it by almost half!  Read about that here and here.

I love, love, love decluttering.  It is always a struggle, but it's a goal I am always working towards.  This article is a great starting point if you're looking to do the same.

It's no secret that I love Reese Witherspoon.  You will love her just as much after you read her awesome speech about women and ambition here.  Elle Woods forever!

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Gah, it's Friday the 13th! I know it's so nothing, but I swear, that thought is always in the back of my head when a Friday falls on the 13th.  Who is with me? Like I said yesterday, my holiday panic has set in.  Thanksgiving is barely on my radar because I have such Christmas tunnel vision right now.  Poor Thanksgiving, it really gets the shaft with people like me. 

I haven't done a life catchup lately and feel so behind!  We had a great Halloween (and celebrated Josh's birthday, it's the same day) and are stocked with enough to candy to last us the year. On that note, I am hardcore back on the diet train, but that's another story for another day.  Greyson finished soccer just in time because I cannot deal with the cold... and have been on a hardcore soup kick because of said cold.  Avery's current life goals involve adopting another pup, but I get a little nervous trying to think of adapting a new fur baby to our family and how much time and patience that takes.  Note:  I am currently short on both.

Finally, can someone please tell me how to keep mums alive.  I am on my second round of some and have researched my pants off on how to not kill them, and no matter what I do, they die.  I am truly cursed with a black thumb paired with a desperate love of flowers.  Ain't life funny.

Have a fabulous weekend! - xx
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  1. I did NOT know that about coconut oil! Whaaaaaat?? Go you being smart with your RBF haha--there has to be some trade off right? :)
    I am the last person to ask about mums. Ours died like immediately last year and I gave up trying again this year. My neighbors would be able to help you since theirs have looked gorgeous all Fall!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. How interesting he works with Dr. Oz, I bet there are a lot of fun info he comes home with for you. Looks like life is trucking along and y'all are doing well. Super cute halloween costumes!

  3. Lots of great links this week and how cool that your husband works with Dr. Oz!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I must be a genius then LOL!! Thanks for the decluttering article, we're having a garage sale soon so now is the time to purge some things. How cool is Josh's job?! We have a friend that loves Dr. Oz and she's always quoting facts from him. Seems like you guys have been doing great - send some of that chilly weather here. It's going to be in the high 80's - ugh!!

  5. Just keep watering the mums - like SOAKING them every day...preferably in the morning. They should keep, but they won't stay forever. :) Mine are dead after a good month and a half run!

  6. Haha I definitely suffer from RBF! And as if I needed a reason to love Reese more - she can do no wrong <3

    Happy Friday gurlie!

    Green Fashionista

  7. That's awesome your husband works at Dr. Oz! I love that show ha! And the same thing happened to our mums :( I wish I had a good secret, but most likely ours died because of neglect :/

  8. I can't keep my mums alive either :( :( It's so sad! And I'm starting to panic about the holidays, too - people are all like I'm 90% done shopping and I haven't even started or thought about it yet!!!

  9. I also suffer from resting bitch face. That is a real affliction. Please ask your husband to find out from the good doctor if there is a cure! ;) xo

  10. I wish I could help you with the planet thing but I can't even keep basil alive let alone flowers. I always tell people not to waste their time buying me anything that grows because I'll just kill it. And can we just talk about how much I'm still LOVING your hair?! Happy Friday love!

  11. You guys have been up to such fun stuff - love your lip color in the middle photo! The mums, second year in a row mine died! I've got to get in touch with my neighbor because hers somehow always look perfect - I need the secret!

  12. I was doing so well with my mums and now they're all dying. The woman at home depot told me you have to water them every single day and they need a lot of water. I am the queen of RBF, I know I probably scare people when I'm out running errands. Please tell me about your diet because I can't stop eating all the candy and all the carbs! I swear the temps drop in the 50s and I start adding on an extra layer of fat.

  13. Ugh, I have the biggest black thumb too! And yes, I really need to start on a diet again! Too much halloween candy! And yes for the patience required when adding a fur baby! Although potty training happens a lot quicker than with human children!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small


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