Dec 17, 2015

Shopping: Lust List

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Happy almost Friday lovelies!  I finally (sort of) have my act back together this week and am verrrrry slowly digging my way out of my hole.  What hole you ask?  The hole that is life.  J/K.  Kind of.   Pour me another glass of wine!

Now that I am onto the hardcore wrapping stage of the holidays, I have been what you would call "treating yoself" to myself.  I may be doing this a bit too much, but with a girls' trip coming up, parties to hit, and sales too good to pass up, I have been doing some damage without majorly breaking the bank.  

While I love a darker palette for Winter, I am also loving pastels big time.  Contrasting bags (and shoes) and loads of feminine neutrals paired with dainty gold jewelry is basically ma thang lately.  Maybe I should ma thang not typing train of thought, or in the exact way I speak.

So to wrap up all of this shopping randomness, it's time to think about others AND yourself!  Happy shopping you lovely babes you!

Thank you for reading!  Have a fabulous day!  -xx

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  1. Love the look alike chloe bag - I'm still mad at myself for not scooping an incredible one up from Marshall's last month! I have that RM bag in light pink and love it - get the baby blue! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. *Pouring you a glass of wine* - loving this round up and your taste in color palettes. The whites and pastels are always eye catching. And those pants - LOVE <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. Umm can you just buy all of this and send it my way? No seriously. In love with those heels, that sweater and those faux leather leggings! Perfect!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Amazing list, lady! I neeeeeeed everything!

  5. I am in love with that RM bag! Pastels are so pretty in the winter. I feel you on the wrapping - it's on my to do list for this afternoon and I'm seriously dreading it!

  6. In love with it ALL and I can see you wearing all of it. Great picks!

  7. Great picks! I especially love the Kate Spade dress and the nude Steve Madden pumps.
    I hear you-things are nuts right now. I kind of want to crawl in a hole and hide :)

  8. This color palette is great. I especially love item #2. So simply pretty.

  9. Holy moly!! I want every single thing on this list! Neutrals are my jam!! This is perfection!


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