Jan 19, 2016

Beauty: Natural Products Volume 1

You guys know I have talked about how I am really trying to be more considerate and thoughtful of not only what I put in my body, but what I put on it.  So many of my favorite beauty products are filled with ingredients I cannot pronounce and chemicals I know I don't want anywhere near me.  The United States is unfortunately far behind many other countries when it comes to banning harmful ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products.  

I'm going to be perfectly honest here and say it:  I'm vain.  Not in a "I cannot put a mirror down because I need to look at myself every second of the day" type of vain.  I'm vain in that I want to look good.  I don't want to show signs of aging, and I like my skin to look its best.  It is what it is and whether you think that's wrong to care so much, totally fine, I get it.  If I am going to spend time trying to fight aging (that's an uphill battle) and keep my skin looking its best, I should also be spending the time researching what I am actually putting on it.  Some of the my favorite products are filled with unpronouncable chemicals that I know I do not want anywhere near me.  Our skin is our largest organ, so imagine what it is absorbing when we slather and lather it in chemicals.

Now, there is no level of perfection to be achieved here.  This is by all means a give it my very best shot approach because realistically it's impossible for me to do it any other way.  There are a handful of holy grail products that I am not willing to give up and I am approaching it as I like to approach my diet:  80/20.  If I can do my very absolute best 80 percent of the time then 20 percent of the time I am allowed to splurge.

The Skin Deep website has become my new go-to.  You can search brands and products to see the level of toxicity and where they rank in terms of bad/good ingredients.  I have literally changed my mind on a lot of purchases since I discovered this gem.  Try it for a few products, I promise it is fantastic and the most useful, handy tool to have.

Since I am off on this tangent today on being as natural with beauty products, I wanted to share a few that I am currently using and love big time.  I pulled all of these out of my medicine cabinet and have used them all for at least a month so I know whether I like them or not and how I feel about them.

Honest Deodorant - I'm going to be honest and tell you that I don't love this.  The smell is not my favorite (that is just personal preference though) so I need to try their other scents.  It also burns like a B if you spray it on after shaving, note to self.  Traditional deodorant and antiperspirants are some of the most toxic beauty products sold in stores because of their high aluminum count among other reasons.  Natural deodorant is hit or miss.  This definitely gets the job done, I just need to give some other scents a try!

Gardenia Tea Antioxidant Body Serum - I got this in my Rachel Zoe Box of Style in the Fall and fell in love.  The price tag is way high so I don't know if I would purchase it again, unless I found it at a lower price.  That being said, this little bottle has lasted me four months so far.  It's made with a lot of natural oils and pairs well with body lotion or on its own.  I love its light scent and I don't even need lotion with it, and I have seriously dry skin.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face wash - I recommend this face wash left and right. It's a great brand that you know doesn't have tons of chemicals in it and the wash itself is awesome.  It has a wonderful texture and really removes makeup while being very general.  I highly recommend this!

Beauty Counter Every Night Hydrating Cream - Beauty Counter is quickly becoming one of my go-to beauty brands thanks to its conscientiousness when making its product.  This is my absolute favorite product of theirs.  This lotion feels like butter on your skin and gives a ton of moisture without being heavy.  This is my new favorite face lotion and I actually use it for both day and night when it's cold and I am dry.

Jojoba Oil - I have been using the Leven Rose Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba oil (I get it on Amazon) and it is just dreamy.  It's the perfect serum for under or over your moisturizer.  I mix a few drops of it with foundation when I am not feeling a full face of makeup, rub it on my hands and cuticles, and even under my eyes.  It's so versatile, has very little odor to it and is just a pure, organic ingredient.  If you buy one thing that is natural, make it this for its versatility. 

Dickinson's Witch Hazel - This one is a toughie.  It's straight witch hazel, which is completely natural and again, one of the most pure products you can use.  I use it as a toner and it soothes my sensitive skin while removing the rest of my makeup.  I think a toner is a key step in night time skin care, HOWEVER (this is big) if you have had a baby, this smell may haunt your dreams.  I recommend getting a Witch Hazel with a scent in it.  

What do you think of this post?  Do you guys like it?  I'm definitely trying to incorporate this healthier lifestyle when it comes to my beauty and skincare routine into my life and would love to share more with you as I do, as long as you all are interested!  Let me know!

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -xx
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  1. I really love origins products - they are some of my favorite all natural ones and Josie Maran!! Going to have to check these other ones out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm a big fan of natural products as long as they don't smell bad and they work. I've tried a few that seemed to just be to dupe people with the 'natural' tagline. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i loved this post! im trying to move towards more natural beauty products. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. This is something I too have really started taking more seriously lately. My skincare is, for the most part, free of harsh chemicals and additives. Of course, it will take lots of time and educating myself to perfect it. I use an aluminum and paraben free deodorant from Arm & Hammer. Personally, I love it. However we love and use a ton of Honest Company products in our household. I need to try their deodorant!

  5. These products look amazing! As much as I've been more careful about what I put into my body, I haven't given much thought about what I put on and the products I use. Definitely need to make a conscious effort for both <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I am definitely going to have to check out that Origins face wash! I love all their products, they always work wonders! I need to get witch hazel too!

  7. I love that Gardenia spray. I seriously feel like I just left the spa whenever I use it!

  8. Checks and balances is one of my all time favorites! I need to look into Beauty counter, I keep saying I'm going to and then I don't. I also need to get back into the all natural deodorant. Checking out the rest you recommended too!

  9. I have been hearing I need to try beauty counter products! And I want to try this oil...I love, love, love a good light oil to moisturize my face! I also need to try natural deodorant with a baby on the way...!

  10. Regular deodorant honestly scares me and I won't even use it - I really like Lavanila and you can get it at Sephora! I'm dying to try a bunch of Beauty Counter products, love what they stand for!


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