Jan 20, 2016

Currently Obsessed: The Home Edition

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I guess you could call this "The One Where I'm Obsessed with World Market and Butler Trays."  Clearly, this isn't a Friends episode (wouldn't it be so colorful and granny chic if it were a la Monica's apartment?) but I am seriously gushy over World Market right now and on the hunt for some butler trays to use as nightstands.  My two contenders are this and this.  They would sit on either side of our bed as night stands, and for reference, our bed is gray and the whole room is going with a white and gray scheme.  Any input on which you like better is appreciated!

I'm also trying to finish our kitchen for once and for all.  I need a new runner in there and a new backsplash that I am desperately trying to convince Josh to do, but he thinks tearing out what we have there could ruin it all, big boo.  Accessories can help hide everything I don't like, right?  How pretty would these be sitting out with goodies?  World Market's other gem is this because it is technically a wine chiller (so pretty on a patio) but it could also be used as a vase for dried flowers or to hold kitchen utensils.  Versatility at its best!

I am on a never ending pillow kick and this is one I literally cannot get enough of.  I get little heart flutters every time I see it posted somewhere.  I don't know if I can justify the price until my kids and our kitten are old enough to not fully destroy it, boo!  And these. I just plain old want geode coasters in my life because I think they're so cool and chic all at once.  "Sure, I would love to set my beverage on our slice of beautiful rock!"  I'm also really feeling marquee letters lately.  I think they would be so fun in the kids playroom (if they ever actually used it, tips please!) and have that industrial feel that pairs so well with a modern, clean room.  Finally, this lamp gives me all the feels.  I started eyeing it the day it came out and promptly sold out the same day.  It's on sale right now, btw and sometimes in store they have them randomly on clearance.  I scored the white tabletop version for $8 one day randomly.  I literally bought the only two I saw marked down and ran before they could figure out what a good deal it was!

Send me help with the bedside tables if you have a second! I trust all of your input!  Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -xx

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  1. Last year I was obsessed with acrylic and this year it's all marble!! LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. World Market always has great pieces, loving the pillow and the tray!

  3. I love the idea for butler trays as side tables, I think it's such a pretty and unique touch. Also everything else is gorgeous too! Yay for finishing your kitchen! I can't wait to see it after you do some more convincing ;) why can't these guys just listen and do what we say? lol

  4. Love the pedestal stand! It would look so pretty with cookies and candies :)

  5. i lvoe the wine chiller! it'd be cute to hold big kitchen spoons too. xo jillian

  6. I love those butler trays! CB2 is killing it lately! Although, it has gone way up in price in the past few months. It used to be the cheaper sibling to Crate and now I feel like it is just as expensive!

  7. Um can we talk about how much I love both of those trays?! Wow! And that pillow needs to be on my couch asap!

  8. Definitely obsessing over all your finds, and you even threw in "Friends" references for the ultimate win <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I was just at World Market today and seriously wanted to buy one of everything! As for the side tables - my vote is for the CB2 acrylic ones!! Love!


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