Feb 16, 2016

Currently Obsessed

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I am all over the place with shopping lately.  There are tons of great Winter pieces on sale and the weather is super chilly right now, but I can't stop ogling over all of the dreamy new Spring pieces hitting stores.

This is the the cutest workout tank I think I have ever seen and it needs to be mine!  I am seriously digging this coverup that easily doubles as a dress.  It's a higher price, but it's super versatile and would last forever.  I need a new dressier coat and this one is so fab! I love all of the colors and the shape -  super chic! I'm a little late to the slip on sneaker party, but after I spotted someone wearing them to barre, I realized I needed them.  They are perfect with workout pants and so easy to slip on and off. I love a good ear warmer and this one is so cute! It's shearling so it will definitely keep you warm for the rest of this Winter, plus it's on sale! It would totally go with this scarf, which is such a classic shape and pattern.  As much as I adore my blanket scarves, I love something traditional like this, too. This bracelet has been on my radar for a while (it was in my holiday Gift Guide) to the point that I think I just need to pull the trigger and grab it for myself before it's gone!  My friend has the matching necklace, which is super cute! These earrings are on my radar in a big way.  Has anyone seen them in person? I need confirmation that they're as adorable as they look online.  A big thank you to Katie for making me fall in love with this sweater.  I scoured my local store for it with no luck, so I just ordered it because it is absolute perfection.

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -xx
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  1. Love all of these! xo

  2. Fun mix of warm and cold weather gear!

  3. I have those sneakers and couldn't love them more!

  4. I love those slip-ons but do not think I can pull them off! That shearling ear warmer is great, too! I need that on a day like today!

  5. You NEED that cover-up. It's so you and so beautiful!!

  6. Ok I'm totally going to co-sign all of your obsessions. I definitely need that workout tank and that bracelet - so pretty <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. We have that Kate Spade line in our barre studio and I seriously have to divert my eyes and look down every time I walk into the studio now. Also, obsessed with that bracelet!

  8. Um I will seriously take one of everything please! That workout tank is the cutest and loving those sneakers! SO fun!

  9. You are going to loveeee that sweater! I was actually just about to order it in cream too, but looks like it's all gone :( :( So sad!


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