Feb 11, 2016

Health: The Best Scale as a Diet Tool

I have to be the first to admit that I am that stereotypical person who makes the New Year's Resolution every year to finally lose the weight.  It's so cliche, and I am always such a failure.  I love food and I really love sleep, so those two things have a strong tendency to work against my best intentions.  I do love working out, especially when I find a good routine and get into a good groove.  I am also that person who will try every cleanse, diet, fad... and never stick to it.  

This year, I decided enough was enough.  I'm not fat, but I am certainly not where I would want to be.  I can blame a lot of it on stomach issues, eating way too much junk and basically not getting my work outs in for most of November and December. It's seriously amazing what two months of slacking off and not caring can do.

The first thing I did on January 1st, was open and use my Beets BLU Bluetooth scale.  Let me tell you guys, this is a serious motivator.  It can work as your average scale, where you step on get your reading, but it is so much more than that.  Once you download the corresponding app and enter your stats, anytime you step on while the scale is linked to your Bluetooth, you will get your muscle mass and body fat percentage.  It's completely true that weight is just a number and both of these other factors are so important in weight loss.  I have spent way more money than I would like to admit on trainers at different gyms purely to get these readings.  Now I can have them whenever the hell I want from the comfort of my own home for under $100!  However, one of those aforementioned trainers was one to tell me not to pay attention to the numbers on the weight part of the scale as much as your body fat percentage.  

I'm personally working on decreasing my weight and body fat percentage.  I want to have more muscle and feel strong and confident.  Muscle is not something to be afraid of and there are so many ways to get it now: barre classes, training classes, or plain old lifting weights.  Muscle is key in weight loss and it's something I need to continually remind myself of while I give my beloved elliptical all of the heart eyes.

Speaking of the elliptical, I am also trying to change up my cardio routine.  I have been an elliptical junkie for way too long and need to get more spin classes back in my routine and running.  Why is running so hard? And for those of you who thinks it's not, tell me how to not make it be!  

Sharing my diet, health and fitness goals and status is not something I'm super open with because I always feel awkward about it.  Is this something you guys want to talk about and read more about? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -xx

*I was compensated with a free scale, but my opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.  I love this product and would purchase it myself.
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  1. I have recently gotten back into running. I just try to do a little at a time...walk 5, run 5. That way it allows me to get my endurance back up and go for longer. Then, as that gets easier, I will add on time. It seems to be working so far! Good luck!

  2. We have a scale similar to yours and love it. ANything that can measure body fat and not just weight is a must. Also, make sure you are doing lifting and not just cardio if you want to build muscle and lean out. Cardio is great but you need the by product of lifting too. You got this.

  3. That scale sounds awesome. I'm with you, I HATE running, so I'm curious to see what people say is their "trick".

  4. What an awesome scale! I accidentally broke my scale a long time ago and still haven't replaced it. I'm with you though,I really want to decrease my body fat percentage. If you figure out how to make running less hard, please share! I hate it! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. How awesome is that scale?! I'm not a fan of running either, so I use several different workouts to keep myself in "shape". I avoid the scale, but wouldn't as much if I could get more than just my weight which would help track other forms of progress. This is amazing <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Running and spinning are two things I can never understand why people love. It's mind over matter I guess, a good playlist usually motivates me a little more when I run. I pretty much only do Pure Barre now and look better when i was doing all that cardio. But I am also poorer ;)

  7. With running it's all about starting slow and alternating between running and walking. Run as long as you possibly can and then push yourself for 1 more minute. Slow down and walk until you recover and do that again. Before you know it you will be running for longer and longer durations. I'm not some major runner but I did do the Chicago Marathon in 4.5 hours (10 years ago). :-)

    For spin class I swear the key is having padded bike shorts! Otherwise it's extremely painful.

  8. I would love to hear more about fitness! I am struggling to get back into a good routine post holidays and post kids. I used to be in such good shape and just let it all go when I got pregnant with Miller. I take a woman's weight lifting class at my gym and it's awesome!! We lift really heavy weights and I'm feel like I'm seeing more results that I ever did when I was cardio junky. It's actually a small group of us who work with a trainer twice a week but I love it. It also forces me to go because we're all counting on each other. That scale sounds like exactly what I need! I used to be a runner but I feel like running takes years (and lots of free time, which is hard with kids) to become comfortable with and actually enjoy.


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