Feb 19, 2016

Life: Friday Faves

+ After this week's weather, I was basically peeing my pants reading about snowstorms in the 70's versus today.  This could have been the 80's or early 90's too and it's so spot on, especially with today!

This bag is the bag of the Spring/Summer, totally calling it.  Every blogger has been all over it for such good reason. It's neutral and colorful all in one and I have been dreaming of it since it came out.  I feel like I need to snag it now, because this is definitely going to sell out.

+ This is Avery's first year selling Girl Scout Cookies... we actually aren't participating because certain things really stress her out and it just isn't worth it for us to put the pressure on her.  However, this doesn't mean that a box or two may not make its way into our own home.  There is nothing more delicious than  a yummy red paired with some Thin Mints, am I right?  Looking for more?  Here is a an awesome Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing list.

This little guy has been giving me a run for my money lately.  He woke as sassy as could be on his fourth birthday and hasn't stopped since.  I take back everything bad I said about three, because four is legit.

Avery has been a little love bug lately, though.  Her attitude is starting to calm down (fingers crossed) and she has been such a mama's girl lately.  I can never say no to one on one time with her or snuggles.  Am I the only one who misses their kids the second they go to school?

I'm on such a kick with layered necklaces.  Whenever I wear just one I feel like I'm naked.  Not really, but I need MORE! I have always been pretty subtle about my jewelry, but I'm in a total bring it all on mood lately and I'm just going to roll with it.  Don't laugh if you see me strutting around rocking five necklaces, it's my thing!

I have gotten back into my Barre groove lately, and have been getting two or three classes in a week.  It's such an amazing workout and I can definitely feel my body changing even after a couple of weeks.  I'm all about that barre... and bar ;)

We went to Atlantic City for a friend's surprise birthday party, which was SO fun and I finally snagged this dress.  I love it BUT it doesn't unwrinkle easily (clearly!) and I need to get it altered so that the closure isn't as high.  I mean, I had to wear it all night for the wrinkles to disappear and my go-to shower steam trick didn't work at all.

Josh always asks me why I don't post more pictures of him on the blog.... and this would be why.  Who needs to make a face in every picture?!

The kids had a great Valentine's and woke up to goodies and pancakes, a total win-win in my book!  They had a couple days off this week and we literally just slothed around the house and worked on tons of projects and played together.  I am probably the only crazy mom who prefers days off to school days.

One of my best friends is coming to visit today and my mom is spending the weekend with us, so I am off to clean, squeeze in a couple of workouts and relax!  Have a great weekend!

Thank you for reading!  -xx

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  1. Looks like you guys have been up to all kinds of fun (and sassy haha) things lately! Love that Avery is being a love bug--that's so sweet!

  2. We are supposed to get snow again too! WTH!? I have not hear about four being legit, I did hear all about threenagers though!

  3. That dress is gorgeous! Too bad about the wrinkles...that can be so frustrating! Happy Friday!

  4. have the best time with your visitors! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. But if you get the closure of that dress fixed how in the world is Jennifer going to snap it open oh-so-dramatically at da club???

  6. Have a great visit with your friend! I am going to visit one of mine this weekend. Barre is the best, it has totally transformed my body. That dress is so cute!

  7. How pretty are those necklaces?! And yay for getting back to Barre! That snowstorm article was spot on, I would definitely say it can be true for the 80's and 90's when we were growing up too. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. That snow post just made me die laughing. I flipped it to all my co-workers. So true!

  9. Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings..SOLD! I love layering necklaces too, and love the look you shared!

  10. You guys have been up to so much fun. Bummer about the wrinkles on your dress - I hate when that happens! Thanks for warning me about the 4 year old turning point - we're 6 days away from that - yikes!! Love the necklaces - they look so pretty - we'll warn you if you start to look like Mr. T but for now, they look gorg ;) have a great weekend!!


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