Feb 15, 2016

Style: The Chunky Sweater

Sweater: Chicwish // Jeans: 7 For All Mankind and these // Bag: Longchamp // Shoes:  Old Tory Burch, same style here // Earrings: Chanel // Sunglasses: via Amazon and here // Pom pom on bag: via Nordstrom

Have you guys ever gotten sucked into browsing an online store, filling your cart up only to go back later and realize you need none of it?  I did that recently, except I could not give up this sweater, and I am so glad I went ahead and ordered her (she's a true she.)  It's deliciously warm and cozy, even when you're outside and jacket-less in 30 degree temperatures (see above: hands in sleeves.)  There is a lot of bulk to it, but it's super lightweight at the same time.  The top is adjustable, so you can be super covered up and showing a little bit of skin at the same time; the perfect combination in my book.  

I come home from the gym, shower, and throw this on with jeans or leggings and feel ready to go.  I can walk out the door and have that put together look, but I feel like I'm in my coziest sweatshirt.  Am I the only one who struggles so much with getting dressed when it is frigid out?  There is no shame in recycling a great piece as often as possible!

Also, can we please discuss that this is my go-to hair style most days?  I love having short, easily styled hair, but it is so damn hard to do more than toss it up most days.  I like to do the half pony tail pull through then wrap it up again and make it look messy and fun.  I spray the top with texturizing spray and play with it so it doesn't look too perfect, because, I clearly can't be having perfect hair (wink, wink.) 

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous Monday!  -xx
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  1. Give me all the cozy sweaters, I'm so over the cold!! Thank goodness we're half way through February!

  2. Love this look! I need more cozy sweaters in my life!!

  3. I need more cozy sweaters too and this one looks perfect! I hate getting dressed when it's this cold out. It's so hard to look cute when you need 100 layers.

  4. This sweater looks so cozy and I love that it's off the shoulder!

  5. Ohh loving that sweater! Love that it's nice and chunky so it's warm but also super cute with the off the shoulder! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. I am the queen of filling up a shopping cart and then just X'ing out but the worst is when they send you the email about if you really wanted to leave. Yes stop tempting me!!!!

  7. Super cozy sweater, perfect for my snow day.

  8. In love with this sweater! I've been loving the off the shoulder look lately, and this looks super cozy too <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Definitely a good choice to pick this sweater up! It is super cute and helps one achieve that comfy cozy yet put together look!

  10. This looks so cozy - I love it! Camel is always a favorite and I love that unique neckline!


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