Feb 22, 2016

Style: Vacation Packing

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I'm so excited to be getting ready to jet off for a fun few days in the sun with some of my best girlfriends!  When it's all sweaters and fleece-lined everything all the time, there is nothing more fun than picking out your favorite dresses, sandals and sunshine friendly gear to pack!  Since we are only going for a few days, I want to do my best to pack as lightly as I can, but I want to get the most out of some of my favorites who may not be seeing the sun for a few months after this trip!  

I love packing lightweight dresses that can fold or roll up easily to take up as little space as possible.  Even if the hotel room doesn't have a great iron, I hang them in the bathroom while I shower and the steam takes all of the wrinkles right out.  I will typically wear a dress to dinner one night and then again as a coverup another day to get more use and save space.

When I am packing jewelry I try to stick to gold or silver and not both. I try to bring only a handful of pieces that will worth with as many looks as possible.  
I stick to the same with shoes and bags and go with either a brown or black base and try to keep everything matching.  Great neutral or gold sandals will match pretty much anything and take you from the pool to dinner.  

A large tote that works as a carry-on makes a great beach bag when it's emptied - just remember to shake the sand out before you pack it!  No joke, I totally forgot to do this in Florida a couple of years ago while I was packing in a rush and came home to sand everywhere!

Amanda's post on how to pack in a carry-on is basically super smart and helpful, plus I ordered the cases she recommended and already love them.  I'm just struggling with my liquids, because how can I possibly survive without every single thing I need at once?!

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Thank you for reading and have a fabulous Monday!  -xx

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  1. Have so much fun!! I wish I could sneak in your carry on and head back down. I'm so depressed to be home. I'm counting down the days until summer. The sun and sand in the middle of winter is good for the soul. What size did you get in that yellow dress? I need it!!

  2. So exciting you have a trip planned!! Especially somewhere nice and sunny!

  3. Take me with youuuuu!!!! Love all of your picks and I'm sure you'll look fab not matter what you wear!

  4. So exciting!
    Hope you have a great week! xo

  5. Beach vacations are the best ones to pack for - bathing suits, cover ups, sandals, and sundresses. Not only are they fun pieces to pack, but they don't take up too much room. Have an amazing time gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Packing for warm climates is the BEST! I love dresses and skirts!

  7. OMG I cannot be any more jealous of your trip, can I fit in your carry on!?! LOVE that yellow dress! Have an amazing trip girl! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. I miss my warm weather clothes!! So jealous of your trip and can't wait to follow along! Have fun!!!

  9. Have an amazing trip! I am feeling jealous right now! I follow many of your same sandals make it so easy during warm weather! I'm always shocked by how people pack with a carry on alone, though, for the very reason you mentioned---LIQUIDS!

  10. Yeah I'm so glad you liked those packing cubes! Seriously they were a life saver with this past Cali trip!


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