Mar 3, 2016

Shopbop Sale!

It's no secret that I basically live for Shopbop's sales.  I know that's sad, but it is the truth!  They offer discounts on things I would normally buy anyway, and after waiting for a few months, it's so nice to finally be able to make those purchases!  Bloggers have been posting things for the last couple of days so I figured I would a few days before adding my list to the mix, in case you forgot the sale is still going strong!  I have done that before, where I meant to order and completely forget then all but tossed my computer off a balcony when I realized I missed my discount opportunity.  Sad, but true.

My picks are below!

I already own a bunch of the goodies above and would recommend them all!  Happy shopping babes!  -xx

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  1. Great picks, lady! Everything you bought I want. Love the pretty flowy dresses and all the stripes!

  2. I will take one of everything please!! Such good picks. I already bought some stuff but have other stuff waiting in my cart for me... It's hard to pass up the discount!

  3. Give me all the Sam Edelman shoes!! I seriously have three pairs in my shopping cart right now, ha. Loving that Mara Hoffman one piece, too!

  4. the striped dress is really pretty! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. SO many good picks! Bryce actually was able to get my Clare V clutch during Black Friday sales and after I opened it on Christmas he was like "Black Friday sales are AMAZING!" Uhhh..yes..have you lived under a rock? Haha!

  6. OMG I seriously want everything. Like. Every. Single. Thing. I need an unlimited bank account :)

  7. I want it ALL!!! And I loved that 1st dress on you in Mexico!


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