Mar 8, 2016

Style: Transitional Gingham

Top: Chicwish // Jeans: Stitch Fix (ask for Courtney F!) // BraceletJohn Wind  // Bag: Chanel // ShoesSam Edelman (on sale!) // SunglassesAmazon (under $30!)
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Is there anything better than a fun top to get you through the dreariest of Winter days and then bring right through Spring without a jacket and maybe even with some shorts?  I am loving this top for that.  It's warm enough to wear with jeans and fits under that big down jacket I have felt the need to wear every day for the last four months, but I know it's going to look so damn cute with some denim cutoff's and sandals.  And if the weather does as it promises, that could be happening this week!  Insert happy dance here!  

Seriously, they're saying we are going to get into the 70's this week and my mind is BLOWN!  It snowed on Friday and less than a week later it is going to feel like Spring!  I may have been raised on the East Coast and spent the snowiest four years of my life in Syracuse, but I am still a California girl at heart!  I spent enough time living there to say that, right?  Totally. (yes, I am answering my own questions, it's Tuesday and the week is long!)

When you look at this top on the website it looks navy and white, but it is definitely, 100% black and white, so make sure to take that to note.  It's still just as cute in black and white IMHO, even though I had originally ordered it thinking it was blue and white.  It definitely runs on the very large size, so be prepared for it to flow out big time.  It's perfect if you're pregnant or planning on eating an enormous meal and drinking a ton of beer, OR if you just like to wear things with extra flow and space.  I am definitely the extra flow type because something about extra material and space makes me feel even smaller (#mental.)  

My favorite part about all of our photo shoots lately is that Greyson feels a constant need to participate.  He is so cute and runs in posing and giving his best blue steel.  This kid is such a ham and always keeps me on my toes.  Four year old boys are no joke, the frustration and moodiness is like nothing else.  I will ask him to do something and he generally responds with a flat out "no."  I don't even know how to handle him sometimes and feel badly being so frustrated; sometimes being a parents really is the hardest thing and I wish someone could just tell me what to do to solve the ten million little problems that come up on a daily basis.  But then, when he is asleep every night, I creep in and try to wake him up so he will snuggle with me.  I'm a total creep and probably shouldn't admit that, but, hey, it is what it is!  I love his silly faces in every picture and hoard them on my computer because I know he won't be wanting to do this with me one day.  I'll take every silly moment while I can!  

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -xx

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  1. Love gingham - such a classic pattern!

  2. YAY gingham is back for spring, so exciting. Love the photo with lil man, so cute.

  3. Off the shoulder and gingham - could I love two things more?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I'm with Biana - two of my favorite trends all in one top is perfect! Love that he wants to jump in the photo shoots too!

  5. Now you just need to teach him how to take pictures! Lol start them early! I love this look on you!

  6. You look ADORABLE in this!! And little Gey, he is the cutest! Can't they be little forever?!!

  7. This top is so fun!!! Yay for warmer temperatures up there! Really hoping they stick around! :)

  8. Such a fun and cozy top! Yay for warmer weather on the horizon, hope you guys get to enjoy every second of it <3
    Green Fashionista


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