Mar 9, 2016

Workout: Running, Motivation and More!

When my girlfriends and I were in Mexico we did a lot of talking about workouts, what we think works and doesn't and diets.  All of them (except me #fail) do a FitBit challenge and I am always so impressed with how they all stick with it and consistently kill their goals.  A few of us have done different diets together and have held each other accountable while we try to meet our goals (sharing is caring.)  

My one friend kept stressing how important she thinks running and weights are, and I fully agree with her.  Anytime I have needed to lose weight, consistently running and incorporating weights made such a difference.  She is also a yoga teacher and believes that is an important part of any workout routine, which I totally agree with - work those muscles and stretch them out.  Another point brought up was to always be changing things up, which is so key.  So many things I have read, and I do way too much reading into workouts and diet, have said to change things up and constantly keep your body guessing.  

So while I walked away from our trip with a mild hangover, I also came back with a totally renewed motivation to get into a great routine and change up what I had been doing.  Some fun new workout gear definitely helps with that motivation too!  I picked up these pants by Alo at my Barre3 and am insanely in love with them.  I have been wearing them twice a week since I got them and can't say enough great things.  I love my Lulu's, but Alo fits like a glove.  Size wise, they're pretty flexible.  I went up a size because that is all that was in stock, but I could have gone down one too and been ok.

Target has had the best workout clothes lately, and I scooped up this tank during an online sale.  It's under $20 and fits so well.  I love how long it is and the knot detailing in the back.  You have to shop fast though, because anything I have my eye on goes before I can even get it in my online shopping cart most of the time.  I ordered a bunch of workout stuff with this top and most of it got cancelled two weeks after the fact.  So the moral of the story is, if it's good, get it (you can always return it!)

I ordered these sneakers after my knees started hurting anytime I was wearing my other pairs based on the reviews.  I have never been a huge review person before, but now I am really into reading them and they're so worth perusing before you make a purchase.  These shoes run small so go up a half size.  They are deliciously comfortable after a solid day's wearing to break in.  I wear them for working out of just around, because they're so cute.  I can run in them without any pain and they look super cute pair with skinnies or black leggings.

Finally, TKO sent me their running belt to try and it has definitely helped motivate me to actually get outside and run more.  Running on a treadmill is so boring, but I hate running outside and holding my phone.  I can't do an arm band, it's just too uncomfortable and awkward, but the belt is awesome.  It looks small but it expands and holds my phone, keys and even a card or cash.  It's flat so it sets up against you and doesn't stick out.  Now that we have some reasonable temperatures I plan on getting a lot more use out of it with all of my goodies above.  

So where do you stand when it comes to working out and diet?  Do you like having people to motivate you and hold you accountable?  Do you think that running is the most solid workout there is with a side of weights?  I know a lot of you do yoga and barre so I really am interested to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions!  

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -xx

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  1. We're channeling the same thought today, lady! I posted about my new favorite workout shoes and socks. I think you need to find what works for you schedule and motivation wise. If it's new clothes, set a goal and when you reach it boom, new clothes. Or find a gym [or class pass] that allows you to try new things so you don't get bored. Weight lifting is SO IMPORTANT for muscles and losing weight. Women just think it's about cardio and sorry, NOPE! Working out is so good for the body and mind, glad you have a renewed motivation.

    Yoga is super important to keep injury away and to find your zen. I try to do a morning workout at least 4x a week. It's just 20 minutes but it starts my day off with the right attitude. I'm also getting more flexible which is helpful in the weight room too. You've got this, friend!

  2. I definitely find running works best for me. I need to do more with weights though - I just haven't found a good routine to stick with. The belt looks awesome! It would be so handy to have something to hold my keys and phone when at a park.

  3. I can't wait to get back into a normal workout routine! Right now my workouts consist of carrying my toddler up and down stairs and chasing him around the house lol! I love your workout gear! I want those nikes!

  4. Those pants are so cute! Target seriously has the cutest workout clothes, I picked up a few items just the other day :)

  5. I totally agree girl, running for me is one of the best ways to maintain my weight. I love those pieces from Target I definitely need to scoop some of them up!

  6. Target has been killing it with their workout stuff lately! Love that tank you got, I wish it was sold in my store! I am always much more likely to workout when I have cute stuff to workout in! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Thankfully I HAVE to walk my dog, otherwise it's so hard for me to get motivated, no matter cute clothes, a workout buddy, etc. I'm doing the 30 day squat challenge again soon which is killer and totally works. I need you to motivate me to actually start though lol. Go you!

  8. I need your motivation - I totally lack in this department. You're so awesome at keeping up at exercising and trying new things!

  9. Those workout pants are awesome! When I have cute workout clothes, I'm always more motivated :)

  10. Target seriously has been killin' it in the workout clothes department lately! And I need to jump on this FitBit challenge with you, I feel like the only one who doesn't have one!
    Green Fashionista

  11. I was just thinking about checking out the workout clothes at Target yesterday. I don't usually pass that section on my other weekly trips but now i'm motivated to check it out. I lost my armband that I usually put my phone in and have been thinking about trying a belt like the one you shared. I think running and weights are key. I run some but also love classes at our YMCA because they keep me motivated. You show up and someone else tells you what to do!

  12. I am definitely the kind of person that needs group fitness classes to feel like I got a great workout but I can workout alone..I just dont like it haha!! I need some new workout clothes stat!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Oh Lord, I am THE MOST out of shape I have ever been right now - it's terrible. I'm going to need to get back into things this summer and I'm hoping cute workout clothes will give me just the motivation I need! Loving the Target tanks!

  14. I have been doing Orangetheory for the last month or so and love it. I am not good at doing weights on my own so having a class in which someone tell me what exercises to do helps me a bunch to stay on track.


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